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Product Features:

  • Game Engine and PBR ready
  • Low poly


  • Diffuse (8192x8192)
  • Normal (8192x8192)
  • Specular (8192x8192)
  • Roughness (8192x8192)
  • SSS (8192x8192)


Model Polycounts:

  • 9 093 Faces
  • 9 043 Faces


Available File Formats:

  • OBJ
  • FBX


About Human Engine:

Using our 150 DSLR Photogrammetry rig, we create 3D and 4D assets for Games, VFX, Movies, Television, Virtual Reality and Augmented Reality. From 3D scanning to rigging, game-engine integration, we have your character creation needs covered.

Female Scan - Calypso 119