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Female model scanned at our studios in Los Angeles.

We are developing on a virtual human that can communicate via video stream, detect emotions, and express emotions.

AI Dialogue with Emotion Processor represents a cutting-edge advancement in AI text-to-speech technology. This innovative system integrates a sophisticated Emotion Processor that goes beyond mere text generation by imbuing the AI with the ability to convey realistic human voice tones and mimic facial expressions.

By leveraging state-of-the-art machine learning algorithms, this system can analyze and understand the emotional nuances within text inputs, allowing it to dynamically adjust its voice intonation and replicate facial expressions in a manner that closely resembles human communication.

This breakthrough not only enhances the authenticity of generated content but also opens up new possibilities for creating emotionally engaging and empathetic AI interactions. Whether used in virtual assistants, video chatbots, or content creation, this AI Dialogue with Emotion Processor brings a new dimension to human-computer interaction, fostering a more intuitive and emotionally resonant user experience.

How It Works

AI Video

It is not just a chatbot.

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